If you would like me to do the binding for you, there are 2 options that I offer.
- 1st- You can bring the binding already prepared then I will add it to your quilt by machine and you can hand sew on the quilt, $2.50 per foot.
- 2nd- I can sew the binding on by machine on both sides, $3.50 per foot.

​*There is a $30 minimum for binding.

If you would like me to prepare the binding let me know and we can discuss details of what would be needed regarding the amount of fabric. I can make the binding as well for a $15 charge on top of the per inch price.

Edge to edge: 0.02-0.035 cents per square inch depending on design & density you would like for your quilt.

In order to figure out your quilting price, multiply the length by the width of the quilt top.
Example a quilt 64in by 48in, you multiply 64 x 48 = 3,072 square inches. Then times that by 0.0175 which equals $53.76

​*There is a $50 minimum charge for quilting.


 I do have batting on hand if you don't have your own: 
​80/20 cotton/poly $12 per yard
100% cotton $14 per yard
Poly Mid Loft $10 per yard

In order to offer many different colors of thread there is a charge for thread. I charge a flat rate of $8 which includes the thread and a needle in order to make sure that your quilt is done to perfection.

Additional Options
-Ironing- $15 Can be done upon request.
-Piecing- $15 per seam, this includes batting or backing.
-Backing too small- $15 and up (please have at least 6 inches around the whole top).
-Squaring up the quilt- $15


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