-placemats to king size
-designs starting at 0.02 and up depending on density
-purchase 80/20 batting, Poly Mid Loft or 100% cotton from me or bring your own
-mail in or drop off quilts accepted


let's talk

My name is Jen. I started sewing at a young age with my grandmas. I had a quilt grandma and a clothes grandma. I would lay out fabric on my grandma's flannel board or tie my hair back with fabric scraps.
 I started sewing on my own when my daughter was little. I made her a stuffed animal because I needed to sew. As my husband and I got our own house I wasn't able to afford fabric. I decided to get a longarm quilting machine so I could help finish quilts but wouldn't need to spend the money on my own fabric. Seems like a backwards way of thinking when I look back but I ended up falling in love with longarm quilting. I think finishing a quilt for others is magical and my favorite part is taking the quilt off the machine. I hope that I can help you finish your quilts. 



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